Our Q4 2023 out in the Middle East was mammoth!

Our Q4 2023 out in the Middle East was mammoth!

A quick look at the numbers gives you an indication of just how incredibly busy we were.

πŸ“Œ817 events
πŸ“Œ23,805 crew shifts
πŸ“Œ223,321 man hours

Major events delivered in October, November and December included:

- Riyadh Season opening ceremony and Battle of the Baddest
- MDL Beast Soundstorm
- COP28
- Lusail Winter Wonderland
- NOOR Riyadh
- WWE Crown Jewels
- Red Sea Film Festival
- Saudi Games
- FIFA Cup Closing Ceremony
- World Combat Games

Our new office in KSA and the investment in local crew there are really paying dividends. We’re now well established in the region and the first point of call for event organisers and suppliers looking for experienced and reliable crew.

With an unrivalled back office operations team, crew managers and international crew chiefs there is no event or challenge that we can’t take on. We are the Force.

Bring on 2024!

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