Showforce has been providing crewing support to Kraftwerk, the audio-visual specialist is installing an integrated solution for all the activations and experiences within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Pavilion at Expo 2020.

Between six and 10 crew members, including a crew chief, worked alongside Kraftwerk’s European team of technicians from February 2020 – April 2022. Initially supporting the construction phase, the crew were tasked with organizing, pulling in and positioning the vast number of cables that were required throughout the Pavilion.

This was followed by the preparation of a vast external LED screen which clad the exterior of the building. Here, Showforce’s IPAF operators were in action assisting with the complete fit out, literally hundreds of LED panels were positioned around the main building’s façade. The Showforce crew then turned their attention to the external floor lighting package, this includes LED lighting in the main entrance area which was designed to be set into the flooring in a pattern.

Once exterior works were completed, the Showforce team moved inside the structures to the main interactive features. This included constructing large amounts of framework throughout the pavilion before completing the installation of all screens, audio and lighting fixtures.

The Showforce crew were praised throughout the build for their hard work, knowledge and skills.

Once the main build was complete and the Pavilion has moved to the commissioning and open phases of Expo 2020, Kraftwerk selected several of the build crew to remain in situ to deliver maintenance during the event.

Crew Numberscrew on-site at peak periodsType of CrewKey SkillsLocation
Crew chiefs, technical crew
Technical, screens, audio, lighting
Dubai, UAE
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Becky Meers
Head of Operations