When, The Wizard of Oz, undoubtedly one of the most popular family musicals of all time headed to The King Abdul Aziz Center for World Culture (Ithra), in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for the first time this October, Filmaster asked Showforce to provide theatrical support staff. Showforce assembled a team of experienced wardrobe, wig and prop assistants, with the appropriate visas, who were onsite from DATE who work alongside Filmaster ensuring the smooth and successful delivery of the production.

For those assisting with wardrobe they were tasked with all things relating to the production’s costumes. This included: packing and unpacking; steaming and ironing; mending and altering; washing and drying; pre-setting and ensuring that all the pieces of the costumes were kept together, along with collecting the costume from the stage wing’s and returning them to the correct dressing room. Generally ensuring that they were prepared and in situ for each performance.

The Showforce wig assistant was responsible for brushing, cleaning, styling and preparing the wigs before each performance. They also fitted the wigs to the performers heads prior to the show which had to be done with great care and precision to ensure that they stayed in place throughout.

Whilst the prop assistant worked alongside the production team helping to unload the props and correctly position them around the stage, this included a staircase that was part of the performances set.

The team amassed a total of 684 hours across the 10 days of performances which were among the first of their kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Becky Meers
Head of Operations