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Showforce’s crew have been busy supporting the installation of the new set for the Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre as the popular show makes a very welcome return to London’s West End. The entire theatre has been given a makeover and the new set features a new flying system and grid to ensure seamless scene changes.

Cameron Mackintosh is one of Showforce’s longest standing clients with a relationship established throughout the 30 years it has been in business. Whilst the crew were onsite completing 12 hour shifts for more than eight weeks for the installation of the impressive set, the same Showforce team were also involved in the initial rip-out and pre-install phase.

Adhering to strict Covid working protocols to ensure everyone’s safety onsite, the crew worked in bubbles i.e. carpenters, LX, sound, automation etc. and were PCR tested every two days. The job began with a detailed outline of targets and highlighting areas of risk considering the age of the theatre.

The crew were initially set to work in the depths of the building, installing new mechanical bases for the Candelabras. The new set includes two, two tonne winches in the roof which move its famous chandelier, into position which the crew assisted with, as well as winch diverts in the sub-basement, mechanisms for the opera boxes and prepping the original stage floor for the metal framing and lids for the new floor where the candelabras and pop up floor candles emerge from.

Additional tasks saw the Showforce crew assisting with the movement and install of the main set, positioning props as they arrived and supporting the wardrobe department – carrying costumes and wigs to the fourth floor and assisting with the sorting and hanging of clothes.

This was the first time Her Majesty’s Theatre and the Phantom of the Opera set has been changed since it opened on the 9th October 1986 and it had played host to over 13,370 performances. The hit show re-opened to amazing reviews on 11th August 2021.

Becky Meers
Head of Operations