As the first ever event of its kind to be held at Windsor Castle, the Coronation Concert held on Sunday 7th May was a masterclass in how the UK event industry excels in delivering world class events.

Showforce was honoured to be part of this amazing event delivering more than 400 of its experienced crew to BBC Event’s production team.  Onsite for 19 days, Showforce provided crewing support to the event’s supply chain during build and de-rig; show crew to the stage management team and specialist plant operators.

During the build the crew was split across several departments including video and projection, lighting, sound, scenic, rigging and drones.

A team supported Creative Technology with the install of their video and projection equipment. The custom screen on the stage had never been delivered before so there were a few challenges to overcome including lifting the screen into position given its weight and limited floor space within the castle grounds. The team also supported with the install of the viewing screens for the Royal box and crowd.

Assisting with installing projectors and lighting meant working within castle itself where there were multiple positions around the top of the walls and around the grounds. This was quite an experience for the crew and not one that they will forget.

Installing the main stage PA and delay towers was relatively straightforward whilst the FOH were on the top of grandstand seating so most of the control and desks were craned into position. For scenic, we had to clad the stage and build the steeldecks in position. There was also a large amount of flooring to lay and skin for the main performance area, along with numerous pre-made walls and set pieces to be assembled and fitted around the structures and stage wings.

Crew Numbers
crew on-site at peak periods
Type of Crew
International crew managers, crew chiefs, production crew, site crew, stage management crew, plant operators, production runners, drivers and climbers
Key Skills
Production build, stage build, stage changeovers, plant and machinery, technical, site duties, working at height
Windsor, London

We had two dedicated forklift drivers on site throughout the project using both straight mast and telehandlers who assisted with all the loads and movements of kit for each department, they did a fantastic job ensuring that the build and de-rig flowed smoothly.

This was also a small team that were responsible for the rehearsals and show set up for the drones, the crew assisted with marking out and positioning the drones. There was also a battery change after each run through and a small control tent and equipment which we helped to set up.

Our crew was also on hand throughout the live broadcast to assist with stage changeovers who were split into two teams, stage left and stage right. Whilst the majority of acts used the same kit there were several piano and props changes.

The UK office team were absolutely on it and worked so hard to get the right crew and big numbers sorted, accreditation being an issue for many other companies but we came through and met all requirements, hat off to everyone.

In addition to the crew we provided for the Coronation Concert, we also supported H Power and Arena Group with additional events in and around Windsor and central London in the lead up to the Coronation. This included site crew to prepare the Long Walk and climbers and ground crew who assisted with the install of grandstand seating.

This success of this project is testament to both the hardworking crew on the ground and our back office operations team. The sheer scale of this project and the security involved cannot be underestimated. Our operations team worked tireless to ensure that the crew were inducted and accredited.

We couldn’t be prouder of our contribution to the celebrations held for the prestigious and historic Coronation of TM King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

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Becky Meers
Head of Operations