Showforce support Acorn Event Structures in the construction of the Steel Yard for Creamfields 2017

Creamfields 2016 was the very first year that Acorn Event Structures built the “Steel Yard” in Liverpool; it was not only a one of a kind temporary structure but also a great success with festival goers. Boasting a height of 20m, featuring newly developed automated technology, with the capacity to hold an astonishing 10,000 people.

This year Showforce were delighted to assist Acorn Event Structures in the construction of the Steel Yard for Creamfields in Victoria Park. 35 Crew were appointed to this project including Telehandlers & Forklift drivers. The production load in started with crew and plant drivers assisting PRG with the load in of the motors and all the various truss components. Spread throughout the site, crew assisted the rigging department, also providing assistance to the lighting technicians on the ground.

The days progressed with crew supporting XL Video with the installation of the large “Video Walls”, a crucial component to the on stage visual entertainment. Once the whole structure was completed, it was then time for Capital Sound to apply the finishing touches by installing their state of the art sound system. In total, crew installed over 50 motors and truss that made up the frame of the gigantic structure. The crew worked tirelessly through the night as every component that was installed needed be disassembled for 8am the next morning. Crew amassed a whopping 698 hours on site, between themselves.

The show was made extra special by the use of holograms at the end of the set. Using holographic devices never used before, projecting basketball court size holograms, adding to the ambiance of the show, which really needed to be seen to be believed.






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