Working for Liverpool City Council, a team of Showforce crew assisted in creating an outdoor art gallery which illuminated the city’s waterfront across 14 nights in March 2021. The festival showcased the work of local, national and international artists and allowed residents to enjoy and experience it in a covid-safe way.

With eleven installations in total included in the trail there was plenty for the Showforce crew to do. A team of seven, including a crew chief, IPAF driver, telescopic handler and a van driver were onsite for nine days for the install.

Work began with the install of pedestrian barrier throughout the 2km trail, whilst some of the more complex designs required Heras fencing which was covered in scrim, particularly where generators and control units were sited. It also prevented the public entering areas where Cherry-pickers or telehandlers were going be used. The telescopic forklift operator unloaded giant crates at the ACC where some of the artwork was constructed prior to moving it to its final position.

It was interesting work with the crew involved in constructing some of the more complex installations such as a piece called Neighbourhood. Essentially a huge washing line with strings of illuminated clothes, there were 5 metre high steel poles that were used to create the structure. These were put into position by the Showforce crew using two slings on the forks of a telehandler and then mounted on 2 metre square steel plates. As the pavements at its location were sloped, the crew first had to level it off with timber before 4 x 1 tonne concrete blocks were placed on the corner of each post to ensure it was safe and stable.

Another standout piece that Showforce helped to install the hanging and cabling for Light a Wish, 10 large and delicate fibre optic dandelion seeds that were suspended over the canal.

Six of Showforce’s crew were onsite for four days when the festival came to an end assisting with the de-rig.

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