Showforce supported Imagination with the delivery of Shell’s Make The Future event at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for the second year in succession this April and May. The festival of ideas and innovation invites millennials to experience, share and contribute to bright energy ideas in action. It includes cars of the future created and raced by the world’s top students in the global Shell Eco-marathon competition on a 2.2km track that weaves its way through the 28,000 m2 festival site.

We provided crew chiefs, site crew, general crew and plant drivers for a 46-day period to carry out a multitude of key tasks. These included: siting containers around the site; laying floor protection; installing the perimeter fence and vehicle gates; maintaining site and fence lines; the unloading and loading of multiple trucks and equipment.

In addition, the crew were on-hand to assist sponsors on Imagination’s behalf. They also assisted a number of the other contractors onsite including: PRG, Stage Services, Chord, Set Square, Heart Wilcox, Hestex, Roder, Conways and CDI. To give you some idea of the undertaking, the site was made up of almost 14,500m2 of tented structures, 19 km of power cabling, 3.5km of cable through 30 power distros at the campsite, 3,300m of trackway at Lee Valley Waterworks alone, 1,100m of air conditioning pipe, 263 Lighting fixtures, 607m Truss, 1,600m of fencing, 3.2km of track barrier and 4.36 Million Pixels of LED Screen.

We also provided numerous plant drivers, buggy drivers, and flatbed truck drivers. Additional crew, trained in PASMA were supplied to build mobile access towers, along with general crew to assist with keeping the site tidy.

On show days, the crew delivered literature and uniforms around the site; there were standby crew on-hand to assist with any issues that arose and then resetting the site at the end of each day.

Crew also completed a VIP turn around for evening events on show days.

In total, the Showforce crew amassed 10,543 man hours.

The crew numbers ranged from 12-20 each day and there was a total number of 48 crew on the first day of the de-rig.

Given the scale of the project, we sent a senior crew chief who project managed the event on our behalf to attend the pre-build production meetings at Imagination’s office. This ensured that he was involved in the planning stages and had a good understanding of the job before the crew arrived onsite. In addition, the project was assigned a dedicated account handler, providing Imagination with a single point of contact to deal with any queries, additions or amendments to the schedule.

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Becky Meers
Head of Operations